Take a proactive stance on your information security

Need to implement security procedures or policy and don't know where to start?



We can provide you with help towards attaining or maintaining compliances or even just maintaining your corporate security footprint.

With a growing pool of expertise catering to multiple frameworks and compliances, such as ISO27001, APRA, NIST, GDPR and PCI-DSS.


How secure are you?

Cybersecurity has grown to be a major concern for everyone on the internet, with Australian companies generally lagging behind their International counterparts.

"She'll be right" attitudes towards security issues are slowly eroding our safety and privacy online meanwhile causing untold damage to entities that suffer breaches.

ZESC is dedicated to providing security assessments without coddling; we want you to have a complete picture of the potential risks.

How can you improve your information security?

We at ZESC strongly believe proactive approaches to security can be applied effectively at any size business.

To this we are always striving to create simpler ways to integrate policies and security measures into existing structures.

Speak to us about how you could enhance yours today!.

Do you need to implement policy for compliance?

Whether your industry is moving towards a new compliance.

You're about to start a new venture in one that already does.

Or you just need to catch up

We are able to help you!

How can you prepare for the future?

The flipside of a technological world becoming more and more complex; is the difficulty in staying ahead of the curve.

We at ZESC stay on the fore-front of Cybersecurity; with in-house cybersecurity research and ties into the greater cybersec research world.

With this we can help you to acheive policy and implimentation that goes beyond todays standards as you may desire.


ZESC believes everyone should have the ability to secure their infrastructure even without much in the wallet.

We provide a free Wiki to everyone including security oriented:

  • Configuration / Orchestration snippets
  • Tutorials
  • Policy Strategies

And We're always adding more!

Help Implementing?

Find yourself or your team lost in the complexity of implementation?

We have the blue team skills you need to get where you want to be!

With a skill pool including:

  • Enterprise Networking
  • RF based systems.
  • Hardware Security
  • Enterprise Configuration of all Major Operating Systems
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • IoT Systems



We can help you with:

  • Plans to retake control of an unmaintained security state.
  • Rollout of new measures with least effect on services.
  • Whole company policy roll-out.
  • Future Proofing


The process of recovery after a security event can be complex and painful.

We can help to ease this by providing plans to return you to a secure state.